Thunderbirds X-Files David Carradine Lot 5: Videoscope Magazine #36 38 45 46 50

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Thunderbirds, X-Files, Kill Bill and lots more …

FIVE Magazine Back issues: Videoscope Magazine, #36 Fall 2000, #38 Spring 2001, #45 Winter 2003, #46 Spring 2003, #50 Spring 2004 
On the cover: Killer Clowns, Thunderbirds, etc.

Inside: VideoScope is the source for exclusive interviews with genre celebs, behind-the-scenes features, info on DVD debuts, the scoop on locating hard-to-find titles, and more. In these issues David Carradine (Kill Bill), Thunderbirds, Godzilla and lots more ....

Magazine Condition: All in good to very condition. No label.