SHANIA TWAIN February 2005 CANADIAN Reader's Digest Magazine

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SHANIA TWAIN - She's Still The One!

in 2005 CANADIAN Reader's Digest Magazine

Magazine Back Issue: ONE complete 192-page issue of Reader's Digest Magazine, Canadian Edition, February 2005 with Shania Twain on the cover, and an 8-page article inside (with a few small pictures). Shania talks frankly about her poverty-stricken childhood, how she convinced her mother to leave her father, and about the down side of fame. Being a wealthy celebrity is stressful she says because you have too many choices. She still drives a beat-up old car, and wears the same clothes she's had for a decade!

MAGAZINE CONDITION: The magazine is in good condition - just slight signs of handling on the cover. Otherwise  flat and complete. No label.