ROSIE O'DONNELL August 1998 A&E Biography Magazine Jamie Curtis Dorothy Parker

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ROSIE O’DONNELL, Her Childhood Pain
Plus, Isaac Mizrahi, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dorothy Parker

Magazine: A&E Biography Magazine
Back Issue Date: August 1998
On the cover: Rosie O’Donnell

Inside - Feature articles: Rosie O’Donnell (7 pages); Lord Lucan; Joseph Mullen; Audrey Hepburn (7 pages); Nancy Lublin; Stephen Hawking (5 pages); Isaac Mizrahi (6 pages); Donald Foster; Dorothy Parker (6 pages); David Spade (4 pages); Chairman Mao; Jamie Lee Curtis (6 pages); John Beltzer. Small pieces on: Jack Nicholson, Sarah McLachlan.

Magazine Condition:
Good overall condition, a bit of wear on the cover, otherwise clean and flat. No Label.