NATALIE PORTMAN Star Wars 2002 Rolling Stone Magazine 898 JOHN MAYER Weezer

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NATALIE PORTMAN – Sex, Brains, Star Wars.
Plus, Weezer, John Mayer.

Back issue: No. RS 898, June 20, 2002
On the cover: Natalie Portman

Inside: The private life of Natalie Portman (5 pages). John Mayer (2 pages). Priest James T. Hanley abuses boys (4 pages). Al Pacino’s passions (2 pages). River Cuomo of Weezer cracks the code of the perfect song (2 pages). Small pieces on Luke Helder, Foo Fighters, Grateful Dead, Otis Blackwell, Musiq, The Hives. And album and movie reviews.

Magazine Condition: Very good condition, just light signs of handling. No label.