MICK RALPHS 1979 Guitar Player Magazine Bad Company TIM BOGERT Paul Rogers Beck

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MICK RALPHS - Lead with Bad Company

Magazine: Guitar Player Magazine
Back Issue Date: September 1979
Issue No.: Vol. 1, No. 9
On the cover: Mick Ralphs

Inside - Mick Ralphs, lead guitarist for Bad Company; Tim Bogert, bassist for Jeff Beck and others; Arlen Roth; Eric Gale; Pedal Steel Guitar; John Scofield; Travis Picking Variations; Paul Rodgers, singer and second guitarist for Bad Company, and lots more...

Guitar Arrangements: None in this issue.


    Magazine Condition: Fair to good condition, bumped and small tears at lower right on first few pages, small splits at top and bottom of spine on cover, small water stains at bottom on first few pages, insides slightly off-white due to natural aging.