MICHAEL HUTCHENCE INXS November 1989 Spin Magazine + RS Clippings

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MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, INXS Plus, Jon Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, and more…

Magazine Back Issue: SPIN Magazine, November, 1989 Vol. 5, No. 8
On the cover: Michael Hutchence
No. of pages: 122

Inside: Digital Underground (2 pages); De La Soul (2 pages); The AZT Scandal (4 pages); Alice Cooper (4.5 pages); Taylor Dayne (3 pages); Jon Bon Jovi at the Moscow Peace Festival (4 pages); Michael Hutchence (5 pages); Rickie Lee Jones (5 pages); Malcolm McLaren (2 pages). Plus smaller pieces, record reviews, etc.

Magazine Condition: Good condition, jut slight wear on the cover, and light signs of handling. No label. Insides clean and flat with some pencil marks by the previous owner.

PLUS BONUS: Three pages of clippings on INXS from Rolling Stone Magazine 517, January 14th, 1988.