JIM MORRISON The Doors August 1990 Spin Magazine David Bowie

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JIM MORRISON, The Doors Plus, 35 Years of Rock and Roll, and more…

Magazine Back Issue: SPIN Magazine, August, 1990 Vol. 6, No. 5
On the cover: Jim Morrison
No. of pages: 96

Inside: The Family Stand (2 pages, full-page photo). This issue celebrates 35 Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll, title page with full-page Frank Zappa photo. Jim Morrison (3 pages, full-page photo). 35 Greatest Moments in Rock ‘n’ Roll Television (2 pages). 35 Guitar Gods (1 page). Esquerita (1 page). 35 Great Meetings of the Minds (5 pages). 35 Heaviest Metal Moments (2 pages). Cramps (1 page). David Bowie (2 pages). David Bowie (3 pages). 35 Most Memorable Moments in Rock Drumming. Iggy Pop (2 pages). 35 Seconds That Say It All.

Magazine Condition: Fair condition. Some creases on the cover, a scratch up the side of the spine, spine split .5 inches at bottom. Four inside pages cut. Otherwise clean and flat.