JIM MORRISON February 2004 UNCUT Magazine 81 MY BLOODY VALENTINE Bill Murray

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JIM MORRISON - A 19-Page Look At The Lizard King

and more in 2008 British UNCUT Magazine

Magazine Back Issue: UNCUT Magazine, February, 2004, Issue: 81
On the cover: Jim Morrison

Inside: As always in this magazine, lots of text and photos on many subjects: Rickie Lee Jones (2 pages); Gus Van Sant and Michael Moore talk about Columbine (4 pages); A Mighty Wind (4 pages); Jim Morrison, When the Music’s Over, a look at the Lizard King (19 pages); Bill Murray (4 pages); My Bloody Valentine (4 pages). And lots of reviews and smaller articles, too many to detail.

Magazine Condition: Very good condition, just some smudges on the back cover. Please NOTE: The CD is NOT included.