JERI RYAN April 2000 FEMME FATALES Magazine Star Trek Voyager ROXANN DAWSON

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Jeri Ryan and the Top 50 Sexy Women of Star Trek

in 2000 Femme Fatales magazine

ONE Magazine Back Issue: Femme Fatales, Volume 8, No. 14, April 2000
No. of pages in magazine: 62

Inside: A complete magazine listing the sexiest women of Star Trek, with a special feature on the Number 1 (Seven of Nine) - Jeri Ryan (FOUR pages, several photos), other runner-ups include Alice Krige, Terry Farrell, Marina Sirtis, Roxann Dawson (THREE pages, 3 color photos) AND lots more ...

MAGAZINE CONDITION: Magazine is in very good condition, just a light mark where the price tag once was (upper right). Light wear overall. Pages are clean and complete.