JACK NICHOLSON 1984 Rolling Stone Magazine 418 CHER Studio 54 Billy Idol Dolby

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Plus, Billy Idol, Cher.

Back issue: No. RS 418, March 29, 1984
On the cover: Jack Nicholson

Inside: Corporate polluters (2 pages). Oklahoma wrestling (2 pages). Jack Nicholson, the great seducer (5.5 pages). Cher wants to be taken seriously (4 pages). Sydney, Australia (4 pages). Rock and Roll rookies, 10 new bands, small pieces on each: Breakfast Club, General Public, Lone Justice, The Le Roi Brothers, The Assembly, Icicle Works, True West, Prefab Sprout, Del Fuegos, The The. The Studio 54 scandal (2.5 pages). Rock & Roll fanzines (3 pages). Billy Idol (1 page). Thomas Dolby (1 page). Plus small pieces, and album and movie reviews

Magazine Condition: Good condition, spine is a bit rolled, and some edgewear on the cover. Cover scraped where a price sticker was. No label.