HELEN HUNT February 1998 A&E Biography Magazine Lena Horne Tony Blair Miss Piggy

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HELEN HUNT, Mad About Her
Plus, Tony Blair, Lena Horne, Michelle Kwan

Magazine: A&E Biography Magazine
Back Issue Date: February 1998
On the cover: Helen Hunt

Inside - Feature articles: Helen Hunt (6 pages); Celebrity Couples and their Body Language (14 pages); Tony Blair (7 pages); Lena Horne (8 pages); Mark Miller (5 pages); Miss Piggy (3 pages); Dr. Oliver Sacks (5 pages); Michelle Kwan (7 pages); Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (7 pages); Joseph Cornell (7 pages); Bat Masterson (4.5 pages).

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Very good condition, clean and flat. No label.