Claire Danes October 2005 Canada Fashion Magazine Shopgirl

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CLAIRE DANES - Shopgirl Star and Fashion Fanatic
Special Double-Cover Issue with The Canadian Idols

Magazine: FASHION
Back issue: October, 2005
On the cover: Claire Danes

Inside: 3-page article on Claire Danes (with 2 full-page photos), who was just appearing in Shopgirl and The Family Stone. Also inside: Satirist David Rakoff talks about his new book “Don’t Get Too Comfortable”. 4-page article on Canadian music with photos of Leslie Feist, Wolf Parade, Emily Haines of Metric, and Broken Social Scene. The back cover is a double cover with a fold-out ensemble photo of the Canadian Idols, and there is a 2-page article on them inside.

Magazine Condition: Very good condition, clean and flat. No label.