CASSANDRA WILSON Lot 2 Downbeat Magazines: December 1976 + 2004 JONI MITCHELL

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CASSANDRA WILSON Interviewed in Two Down Beat Magazines


MAGAZINE 1: DownBeat Magazine, December 1996 
On the cover: Cassandra Wilson & Joni Mitchell

Inside: Cassandra Wilson & Joni Mitchell - Alternate Tunings (7 pages); 61st Annual Down Beat Readers Poll; Phil Woods, Jazz Soldier; Jerry Gonzalez, Latin Jazz. 

Magazine Condition: Good condition, first inside page is dog-eared, but all else is clean and flat and complete. No label.

MAGAZINE 2: Downbeat Magazine, February, 2004 
On the cover: Cassandra Wilson

Inside: Pat Martino, Return of El Hombre; Peter Cincotti, Learning The Ropes. 

Magazine Condition: Good condition, small bump on upper right corner of cover. No label.