BRAD PITT October 1997 A&E Biography Magazine Courtney Love Brooke Shields

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Brad Pitt, 7 Years in Tibet
Plus, Courtney Love, Brooke Shields, Ken Griffey Jr.

Magazine: A&E Biography Magazine
Back Issue Date: October, 1997
On the cover: Brad Pitt

Inside - All major articles in this issue: Brad Pitt splits with Gwyneth Paltrow, but comes back with 7 Years in Tiber; England’s Royals, Aaron Feuerstein, Brooke Shields, C.J. Peters, Courtney Love, Ken Griffey Jr. Barry Scheck, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Magazine Condition:
Good condition, some scraping up the spine on the cover, and glue remnants from a label at the bottom. Insides are clean and flat.