BJORK Lot: 2004 New York Times Magazine + 3 Rolling Stone Clippings

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EIGHT Large-Format, Full-Page
Black & White Photos

2004 New York Times Magazine + 2 Clippings

One complete New York Times Magazine, August 15, 2004, with SEVEN full-page black & white photos of Bjork. PLUS, three pages of clippings from Rolling Stone Magazine, September 16, 1993 (NOT the whole magazine). One is a full-page black and white photo, and the other pages have smaller photos and the text of the article. Both of these magazines are large-format 9.5x11.5 inches so you get lots of large photos of our favourite dancer in the dark.

MAGAZINE CONDITION: This New York Times magazine is in very good condition, some slight wrinkling on the cover, but the pages with Bjork are in excellent shape. The Rolling Stone clippings are in good condition, slightly bumped corners, and gently ragged on the spine edge.