BANGLES 1987 Rolling Stone Magazine 496 Clockwork Orange Los Lobos Untouchables

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BANGLES – California Girls.
Plus, Rock in Russia.

Back issue: Rolling Stone Magazine No. RS 496, March 26, 1987
On the cover: Bangles

Inside: Rock in Russia (5 pages). Paul Simon (1 page). Wire Train (1 page). Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (2 pages). Kevin Costner and Sean Connery makes The Untouchables (3 pages). Moonlighting (2 pages). The Bangles (3.5 pages). AIDS (3 pages). A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess missing chapter (5 pages). The Rainmakers model rain gear (4 pages). Los Lobos (3.5 pages). Cool schools, and other college related articles (many pages). Cliffs Notes (3 pages). Plus small pieces, and album and movie reviews.

Magazine Condition: Good condition, some edgewear on the cover, and a scrape where the price sticker was removed. Cover a bit loose at the staples. Insides clean and flat. No label.