TORO Magazine Back Issues now up.

Posted by Tim Sanderson on

We have been working to get our TORO magazine back issues into the store. This was an obscure Canadian glossy colour magazine, concentrating on men's interests. It was published from 2003 to 2007 and was added as a newspaper insert. It has a some obscure celebrity gems, including a full-page cover photo and article inside on Wilmer Valderrama of That 70's Show, and now of NCIS.

Wilmer Valderrama 2005 TORO Magazine

Also of interest to David Cronenberg fans is an article on him at the time he was making A History of Violence.

David Cronenberg 2005 TORO Magazine

There are also TORO Magazine back issues featuring Scott Speedman, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Nash, Jesse Palmer, the very first Bachelor, Sofia Vergara, Mia Maestro, Elizabeth Banks, and more...


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